White teeth for students with OnlySmile

New stages in life require extensive preparation. Especially for first-year students, the new semester is of great importance. A first own apartment or shared apartment, a new city, strange buildings and new acquaintances. People greet each other with a smile, tell each other about themselves and make important acquaintances, possibly even for years to come. In order to appear as open and likeable as possible, people take a shower, perhaps get a new haircut and take the best outfit out of the closet. A glance in the mirror, however, reveals that something is missing. But what is missing to make the best impression on others? That’s right, sparkling white teeth.

New section means fresh white teeth

White teeth are always of great importance for the first impression and convey only positive impressions to the other person. White teeth signal that you are hygienic and take proper care of yourself. However, daily and regular brushing does not achieve the desired results for everyone. Thin enamel can also be genetically determined and allows the discolored dentin to show through. But especially for first-timers it is important to convince with a smile. Be it when introducing yourself or having a conversation.

New acquaintances with OnlySmile

Our teeth whitening set consists of: a mouth tray, a LED lamp, a full-size teeth whitening gel, a charging plug + micro USB cable and an instruction manual. With this set you can start right away and it is never too late for a treatment with our products. The treatment takes a mere 30 minutes and delivers what it promises. For better results you can use our product more often. For initial applications with severe discoloration, we recommend two applications in a row. The whitening gel included in the teeth whitening kit lasts for up to 10 treatments. For this reason, our OnlySmile products are the best way to whiten your teeth and charm fellow students with a bright smile.   Photo: © Onlysmile, Look Studio – shutterstock.com Author: Andrea (blogguru.de)
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