What effect does our alcohol consumption have on our teeth?

A refreshing cocktail in the summer with the girls, a few shots in the club for a good mood or a glass of red wine for enjoyment – alcohol accompanies many of us at social events and when celebrating. But alcohol is known to harm not only our liver, but also our teeth. In the following blog article, we’ll enlighten you about the consequences of your alcohol consumption for your teeth.

Consequences of alcohol consumption for our teeth

The consequences of our alcohol consumption: teeth sensitive to pain and discoloration of the teeth. Maybe you know, you are enjoying a delicious cocktail at the bar and suddenly your teeth hurt. Toothache caused by alcohol is not uncommon. The reasons are as follows: Ethanol is alcohol and there are different pH levels in our mouth and ethanol. Due to the acid in our mouth, the protective layer of the tooth is attacked and weakens the tooth. There is also a lot of sugar in many alcoholic beverages. Bacteria feed on the sugar in our cocktails and excrete acids after digestion. The excreted acid also attacks our teeth. As a result, our teeth hurt after consuming alcohol. However, painful teeth are not the only consequence that comes with alcohol consumption, but also tooth discoloration. Alcohol can cause yellowish discoloration, which can be removed by cleaning the teeth. The intense colorants of red wine, in particular, discolor teeth severely. The acid of the wine roughens the surface of our tooth, so that the surface is particularly receptive to the intense colorants of the wine.

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