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A perfect job opportunity arises and your dream is almost within reach, only one thing is missing: the interview. The last and hardest step is coming up and you don’t know how to prepare.

You nervously watch YouTube tutorials, search your closet for the perfect outfit and rehearse your answers. But apart from the right answers and preparing for the questions, what else is important? That’s right: your appearance.

With this blog article, we’ll provide you with a few survival tips and tricks on how to make the perfect first impression, guaranteed to win over your boss!

The first impression and appearance

The first impression and the right appearance are very important in a job interview.

They could tell the boss about your personality, hygiene and self-confidence. Therefore, it is important not only to smell pleasant, but also to pick out a suitable outfit.

Often it depends on the kind of job you are applying for. But with a classic outfit you can only do everything right.

Usually men show up for an interview with a suit or a combination of trousers, shirt and jacket. For women, an outfit of dress and jacket, skirt and blouse, or suit pants and blouse is suitable. Muted colors are appropriate for clothing at a job interview.

Now that the outfit is in place, a light makeup is applied if needed and the hair is fixed, only one thing is missing. And that is a radiant and inviting smile. A job interview is, as the word suggests, a conversation, you look each other in the eye and have a conversation.

How OnlySmile can help you

Our OnlySmile products make a bright and inviting smile possible. Unfortunately, many people suffer from discolored teeth, despite regular brushing, but with OnlySmile, white and bright teeth become possible again. For an initial application with our teeth whitening kit, we recommend two treatments in a row for best results, otherwise 30 minutes is sufficient.

Attach the mouth tray to the LED lamp, apply gel to the mouth tray, insert the LED lamp into the mouth and bite down on the tray – now wait 30 minutes and then you can go to the interview. Now you make the perfect first impression at your job interview!

With OnlySmile you can make your teeth and smile shine again. For successful interviews in your dream job.

Start to Smile – with OnlySmile.


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Author: Andrea (blogguru.de)

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