OnlySmile® Teeth Whitening Powder & OnlySmile® Teeth Whitening Gel are developed and produced in Germany

Teeth whitening for every occasion

OnlySmile® Teeth Whitening Gel

Visibly whiter teeth in just 30 minutes! If you run out of your OnlySmile® Teeth Whitening Gel from the Beginner Set, we have got you covered.

Open the tube, put the Gel on the Mouth Tray and switch on the LED Lamp - it's that easy to whiten your teeth at home. With the Teeth Whitening Gel on your teeth you can watch TV, fold laundry or read while taking care of your teeth at the same time. One tube lasts for approx. 10 whitening sessions and each session makes your teeth shine. Trust in one of the best providers of cosmetic dental care!

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OnlySmile® Teeth Whitening Powder

Whether for preparation, prophylaxis or maintenance - you can use the OnlySmile® Teeth Whitening Powder any time for a comfortable whitening. This is how you maintain your dream smile!

The Teeth Whitening Powder effectively removes plaque and cleans interdental spaces. It will help you keep your result after the gel whitening. Brushing your teeth twice a week for three minutes with the Whitening Powder is enough to make your teeth shine. It is irreplaceable for smokers, coffee and red wine lovers. Be gorgeous - only smile!

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Die Vorteile des Home-Bleachings – gesunde und strahlend weisse Zähne
The advantages of home bleaching – healthy and sparkling white teeth

Home teeth whitening is appreciated for its flexibility. Being able to bleach your teeth in just 30 minutes without a dentist's appointment – that sounds tempting. But this method offers even more advantages. In the following, you will be able to find out more and form your own opinion about teeth whitening.

Das Mundstück und seine Reinigung: Ist es überhaupt hygienisch, wenn ich das mehrfach verwende?
Cleaning the mouthpiece: Is it even hygienic, if I use it several times?

While the gel, similarly to toothpaste, is of course not reused and ends up in the drain, you can keep the splint for multiple uses. It looks like a medical teeth grinding splint, but is made of silicone. The splint is not adapted to your teeth and thus rather flexible. In the following you will find out how to take care of the OnlySmile mouthpiece.

Die Zähne zu Hause aufhellen: Tipps von Kunden für das OnlySmile Zahnaufhellungssystem
Whitening your teeth at home: Tips from clients

Things we do for the first time can sometimes be tricky. When using the teeth whitening by OnlySmile, you are usually at home alone and have no one to help you. To make sure that you are prepared for all eventualities, we have summarized 5 tips from our community for you.

Bleaching beim Zahnarzt vs. Aufhellung zu Hause: Wo liegen die Unterschiede?
Bleaching beim Zahnarzt vs. Aufhellung zu Hause: Wo liegen die Unterschiede?

Im Folgenden erhältst du Informationen über die Methoden. In unserem Vergleich werden die Aspekte der Komplexität der Anwendung, der Schädlichkeit und des Kostenaufwands betrachtet. Die getroffenen Aussagen kannst du in der verlinkten Literatur nachlesen. Im Anschluss folgen eine Empfehlung der Redaktion und das Fazit.