Cosmetic teeth whitening at home

In order to have beautiful, white teeth, it is no longer necessary to wait many months for a whitening appointment at a dentist. You can now whiten your teeth whenever you want and whiten them as you want. For example, you can whiten your teeth for special occasions, such as a wedding or a birthday, or for everyday life. Teeth whitening is carried out through the application of a teeth whitening gel. The tooth whitening gel is activated by means of a special LED lamp OnlySmile® Active Pro, which accelerates the whitening process. A 30-minute treatment is enough to whiten your teeth. Effective and easy!

Please make sure that enough tooth whitening gel is applied to the mouth tray – the front surface of the teeth must be completely covered by the gel. If you don’t have straight teeth or if some of your teeth stick out too far, you can apply the tooth whitening gel directly to your teeth.

During the 30-minute waiting period, you can do whatever you want: chat, read, study or work. Just remember to smile for 30 minutes – this will whiten your teeth even better 🙂

We wish you a lot of fun and are always available to answer your questions. Start to smile!

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