A bright smile can leave a positive impression and radiate self-confidence. When it comes to dental care and teeth whitening, it is important to pay attention to quality and effectiveness. OnlySmile offers a selection of high-quality teeth whitening products, such as whitening gel, whitening powder and toothpaste, to help you whiten and maintain your smile.


The OnlySmile teeth whitening kit contains everything you need for a bright smile – the whitening gel, a tray and easy-to-understand instructions for simple application. The products are easy to use and can be applied from the comfort of your own home. The results are visible after a short time and provide a long-lasting, bright smile.

Effective teeth whitening and excellent customer service.

OnlySmile offers teeth whitening products that are easy to use and deliver results quickly. The company places a high priority on customer satisfaction and offers excellent customer service. If you have any questions or need assistance, the team at OnlySmile.de is always available to help. Regular discount promotions and attractive offers make OnlySmile an excellent choice if you are looking for effective and high-quality teeth whitening products.

To sum up, OnlySmile is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to brighten and maintain their smile. The products are easy to use, effective, and offer long-lasting results. With excellent customer service and attractive offers, onlysmile.de is a top choice when it comes to teeth whitening.

A bright smile is often the first thing you notice about a person. White, healthy teeth are not only a sign of beauty, but also of health and hygiene. However, a variety of factors can cause teeth to discolor and lose their brightness over time. Smoking, coffee, tea, red wine and certain foods can cause teeth to discolor. The natural aging process and genetic factors also play a role. This is where OnlySmile comes in.

OnlySmile is a company that specializes in cosmetic teeth whitening. The company offers a convenient and affordable way to whiten teeth. The system is based on a whitening gel that is applied to the teeth. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which helps oxidize the stains on the teeth.

The process of teeth whitening with OnlySmile is simple and safe. The tray is filled with the whitening gel and worn for 30 minutes a day. You will notice the difference after just the second application.

OnlySmile offers a number of advantages over other methods of teeth whitening. Unlike expensive in-office procedures that often require multiple sessions, OnlySmile teeth whitening can be performed in the comfort of your own home. The tray is reusable and can be used by the whole family, as there is a mouth tray that everyone can put on for themselves. Moreover, OnlySmile whitening gel is safe and effective and does not contain harmful chemicals.

White teeth are an important part of an attractive smile. With OnlySmile, anyone can restore the brightness of their teeth. Whether for special occasions or simply to boost self-confidence, OnlySmile is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a bright smile.

Overall, OnlySmile is an excellent option for anyone looking for an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to whiten teeth. With its proven formula and effective system, OnlySmile has helped thousands of customers achieve a bright smile. Order today and let OnlySmile help you achieve a confident smile!

OnlySmile is proud to be a German brand that focuses on quality and safety. OnlySmile’s whitening gel is produced in Germany and is subject to strict European standards. Compared to many other manufacturers that produce outside of the EU, OnlySmile takes care to maintain standards.

A perfect job opportunity arises and your dream is almost within reach, only one thing is missing: the interview. The last and hardest step is coming up and you don’t know how to prepare.

You nervously watch YouTube tutorials, search your closet for the perfect outfit and rehearse your answers. But apart from the right answers and preparing for the questions, what else is important? That’s right: your appearance.

With this blog article, we’ll provide you with a few survival tips and tricks on how to make the perfect first impression, guaranteed to win over your boss!

The first impression and appearance

The first impression and the right appearance are very important in a job interview.

They could tell the boss about your personality, hygiene and self-confidence. Therefore, it is important not only to smell pleasant, but also to pick out a suitable outfit.

Often it depends on the kind of job you are applying for. But with a classic outfit you can only do everything right.

Usually men show up for an interview with a suit or a combination of trousers, shirt and jacket. For women, an outfit of dress and jacket, skirt and blouse, or suit pants and blouse is suitable. Muted colors are appropriate for clothing at a job interview.

Now that the outfit is in place, a light makeup is applied if needed and the hair is fixed, only one thing is missing. And that is a radiant and inviting smile. A job interview is, as the word suggests, a conversation, you look each other in the eye and have a conversation.

How OnlySmile can help you

Our OnlySmile products make a bright and inviting smile possible. Unfortunately, many people suffer from discolored teeth, despite regular brushing, but with OnlySmile, white and bright teeth become possible again. For an initial application with our teeth whitening kit, we recommend two treatments in a row for best results, otherwise 30 minutes is sufficient.

Attach the mouth tray to the LED lamp, apply gel to the mouth tray, insert the LED lamp into the mouth and bite down on the tray – now wait 30 minutes and then you can go to the interview. Now you make the perfect first impression at your job interview!

With OnlySmile you can make your teeth and smile shine again. For successful interviews in your dream job.

Start to Smile – with OnlySmile.


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The wedding is coming soon, the thrill is great and with the bachelor party is ensured that the bride and groom can again really switch off before the new phase of life. Once again pop the corks, make the clubs unsafe with friends and create unforgettable memories. All the friends get together, get dressed up and it’s party time – bachelor parties are so great mainly because the engaged couple have the opportunity to celebrate separately with their respective friends. The evening allows the engaged to make memories independently and celebrate without having to think about their partner. Just switch off again.

Say: Cheese!

The bachelor party will provide not only a great mood, but also good souvenirs. Unforgettable games, music and especially photos. Photos have the task of capturing funny moments with the closest friends and are therefore indispensable at a bachelor party. And how can you ideally prepare for such an evening? Pick out a chic and suitable outfit, fix your hair and whiten your teeth with OnlySmile. As a bride or groom, you will be the center of attention on the evening and will therefore appear in almost all the pictures, which is why it is important to feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible. White teeth boost self-confidence and help to smile without restraint. The worry that discolored teeth will be seen in the pictures no longer exists.

Smile without inhibitions with OnlySmile

On the contrary, with fresh white teeth, the need to smile and present your beautiful white teeth will only increase, making the smile in pictures more authentic. With our teeth whitening kit, you can have your teeth whitened in time for their bachelor party. The treatment takes only 30 minutes, for customers who use the product for the first time, two treatments in a row are recommended. So that the optimal result is achieved. Beaming with white teeth on the dance floor, creating unforgettable memories with your closest friends and being able to smile uninhibitedly when someone holds up the camera becomes possible again – with OnlySmile.


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After a long time of writing and exchanging ideas, the first meeting is arranged. The excitement rises, butterflies in the stomach and now is the finish. When writing, you do not see the other person in front of you and you can only convince with your choice of words and expressions. Now that you have the interest of the other person – the first good impression must serve.

Now it’s time to get dressed up

Of course, you want to make the best possible first impression. If you ask yourself what you would look for first in your counterpart, the answer is simple: the face.

Of course, the matching outfit also plays a big role, but the face of the date is the decisive factor. Because during the date one looks predominantly into the face of the counterpart and converts during the evening its course takes.

And that is why white shining teeth are of great advantage. These are symbolic of a healthy, strong body and good hygiene. However, the reality is quite different. Many people are not satisfied with the color of their teeth and are sometimes ashamed of them.

But it can be done easily with the OnlySmile teeth whitening kit. One application takes only thirty minutes and provides visible results after only a few applications.

Now the right outfit is picked out and you are ready for the first date. The excitement is growing and the heart beats faster and faster – but just keep calm! All the necessary steps have been checked off and now it’s all about the chemistry between the two of you.

The first positive impression has been made and once the sparks start to fly, everything else fades into the background.

Are you interested in more products from OnlySmile and can’t wait to convince with your smile? Then take a look at our store.


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Packing suitcases and writing long packing lists. What can be checked off? Underwear, bikini, pretty summer dresses and of course our OnlySmile teeth whitening set must not be missing from the list! Whether the trip leads to the mountains or to the sea is irrelevant, white teeth are always an advantage and especially when you take pretty vacation photos. The photos are sent and uploaded on social networks. Be it in the family group, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Photos are not only there to ensure others get a glimpse of the vacation, but are also memory carriers. Years later, we still look at vacation photos and reminisce about the relaxing vacation we took back then. Looking back, wouldn’t it be nicer to look at photos in which we look into the camera with a bright white smile?

Vacation photos and social media

White teeth make you look all the more rested and attractive in your vacation photos. With a bright smile on the beach and a cocktail in hand, you can attract new followers on your social media. Rising follower numbers, increasing self-confidence and beautiful memories – with OnlySmile! On social media, white teeth are not unknown, with them influencers suggest care and attractiveness. This is because, as a study by Kings College in London found out, people with well-groomed and white teeth are often considered more attractive and intelligent than people with discolored teeth. For this reason, influencers and celebrities have their teeth whitened, often too extremely. Our products, on the other hand, have a gentle and natural effect and are also not harmful.

White teeth – no matter where!

We help you to get painless and long-term white teeth. Our teeth whitening kit is compact and easy to carry. It is not only lightweight, but also takes only 30 minutes. However, we recommend customers who use our teeth whitening kit for the first time to have two treatments in a row to get a better effect. For instruction manual, you can follow this link. Order our teeth whitening kit today for your vacations! Whether you want to be at the beach, pool or hotel during the treatment time when your teeth are whitening is up to you. Relax and let your teeth whiten painlessly and quickly. Start to Smile – with OnlySmile.   Foto: © Onlysmile Autor: Andrea (blogguru.de)

A refreshing cocktail in the summer with the girls, a few shots in the club for a good mood or a glass of red wine for enjoyment – alcohol accompanies many of us at social events and when celebrating. But alcohol is known to harm not only our liver, but also our teeth. In the following blog article, we’ll enlighten you about the consequences of your alcohol consumption for your teeth.

Consequences of alcohol consumption for our teeth

The consequences of our alcohol consumption: teeth sensitive to pain and discoloration of the teeth. Maybe you know, you are enjoying a delicious cocktail at the bar and suddenly your teeth hurt. Toothache caused by alcohol is not uncommon. The reasons are as follows: Ethanol is alcohol and there are different pH levels in our mouth and ethanol. Due to the acid in our mouth, the protective layer of the tooth is attacked and weakens the tooth. There is also a lot of sugar in many alcoholic beverages. Bacteria feed on the sugar in our cocktails and excrete acids after digestion. The excreted acid also attacks our teeth. As a result, our teeth hurt after consuming alcohol. However, painful teeth are not the only consequence that comes with alcohol consumption, but also tooth discoloration. Alcohol can cause yellowish discoloration, which can be removed by cleaning the teeth. The intense colorants of red wine, in particular, discolor teeth severely. The acid of the wine roughens the surface of our tooth, so that the surface is particularly receptive to the intense colorants of the wine.

White teeth with OnlySmile

Teeth can be whitened again with a dental cleaning and bleaching. For the pain-sensitive teeth, it is recommended to brush the teeth with a fluoride toothpaste after bleaching. Order our OnlySmile products now to make your teeth shine even brighter at the next party!


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New stages in life require extensive preparation. Especially for first-year students, the new semester is of great importance. A first own apartment or shared apartment, a new city, strange buildings and new acquaintances. People greet each other with a smile, tell each other about themselves and make important acquaintances, possibly even for years to come. In order to appear as open and likeable as possible, people take a shower, perhaps get a new haircut and take the best outfit out of the closet. A glance in the mirror, however, reveals that something is missing. But what is missing to make the best impression on others? That’s right, sparkling white teeth.

New section means fresh white teeth

White teeth are always of great importance for the first impression and convey only positive impressions to the other person. White teeth signal that you are hygienic and take proper care of yourself. However, daily and regular brushing does not achieve the desired results for everyone. Thin enamel can also be genetically determined and allows the discolored dentin to show through. But especially for first-timers it is important to convince with a smile. Be it when introducing yourself or having a conversation.

New acquaintances with OnlySmile

Our teeth whitening set consists of: a mouth tray, a LED lamp, a full-size teeth whitening gel, a charging plug + micro USB cable and an instruction manual. With this set you can start right away and it is never too late for a treatment with our products. The treatment takes a mere 30 minutes and delivers what it promises. For better results you can use our product more often. For initial applications with severe discoloration, we recommend two applications in a row. The whitening gel included in the teeth whitening kit lasts for up to 10 treatments. For this reason, our OnlySmile products are the best way to whiten your teeth and charm fellow students with a bright smile.   Photo: © Onlysmile, Look Studio – shutterstock.com Author: Andrea (blogguru.de) As we all know, people are always looking for products or ways to whiten their teeth without much effort or expensive prices. Examples are: Bleaching strips, different home remedies and among others, activated charcoal. Activated charcoal can be found in various forms such as powder that you apply to your teeth, capsules or toothpaste that contains activated charcoal.

Whitening the teeth

Activated charcoal is originally used to eliminate bacteria and toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. It helps with diarrhea and food poisoning. However, activated charcoal powder is also added to toothpastes. Gentle whitening while brushing teeth with activated charcoal is promised. Whitening with activated charcoal occurs by abrasion of the surface layer of the tooth: the grains of activated charcoal act like sandpaper, which grinds discoloration from the tooth. If activated charcoal toothpaste is used regularly, the teeth may become brighter for a short time because the charcoal removes superficial discoloration. The problem, however, is that the activated charcoal also roughens the enamel, and over time you grind away the protective layer of the teeth. The result: after losing the protective layer, the yellow teeth return again and the teeth have become more sensitive.

OnlySmile instead of activated charcoal

Activated charcoal toothpaste promises healthy and white teeth. However, whitening teeth is not permanent and harms teeth. Do not be influenced by current trends and advertising and buy our OnlySmile products instead. Our Onlysmile teeth whitening is absolutely painless and does not damage the enamel, unlike the activated charcoal. The effect of our teeth whitening products lasts up to 6 months. However, the duration of the effect depends on your consumption of colored food or drinks. Stop following the trends and adding harm to your teeth, order our teeth whitening kit instead and finally get the white teeth you dream of.   Photo: © Onlysmile Author: Andrea (blogguru.de) Colourful decorations, loud music and pleasant company – these words are always associated with birthdays. But what else is very important? That’s right, presents! Gifts are part of every birthday party and are often a little more time-consuming. It is not always easy to come up with something that the birthday boy or girl might like. After all, birthday presents only serve their purpose if they appeal to the birthday boy or girl. That’s why our OnlySmile teeth whitening set would be the solution to your problem.

A piece of joy

A teeth whitening kit as a gift might first cause confusion – would a gift that whitens teeth tell someone that you have teeth that are too yellow? Whereas you also give perfume as a gift without implying that someone smells strange. With the right packaging and a little explanation, nothing would stand in the way of the best birthday gift. Many people are ashamed of their smiles, whether crooked teeth, gaps between their teeth or yellow teeth. Not all blemishes can be changed immediately, but whitening yellow teeth with OnlySmile makes one thing possible: being able to smile uninhibitedly again. To whiten your teeth, you don’t have to have dark, yellow teeth. Our OnlySmile teeth whitening kit whitens teeth within 30 minutes and the effect is immediately noticeable. When you start using it, we recommend that you carry out two bleachings in a row and only reapply the OnlySmile teeth whitening gel to the mouth tray in between.  

OnlySmile for everyone

Not all birthday gifts are suitable for every person, but a teeth whitening kit can usually be used by everyone. Our teeth whitening is painless and does not add any damage to the teeth. In everyday life we all have a coffee, tea or the occasional red wine. Our teeth are exposed to discolouration on a daily basis and with the best dental care and teeth whitening we would make them shine again. Make your birthday girl or boy happy and order our OnlySmile teeth whitening kit. If you have any questions, you can follow this link and we will be happy to answer them.   Photo: © Onlysmile, wavebreakmedia – shutterstock.com Author: Andrea (blogguru.de)
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